Frequently asked questions

Please ensure that, the better quality HDMI cable is being used. It is because some HDMI cable which are too long or too thin will cause this problem. Meanwhile please make sure your Astro / Bluray Player / Setup Box / Media player is updated to the latest firmware too.

It is because the TV has enable timer or power saving mode. Please check inside the TV Power saving mode and select Timer as OFF.

Please check are there any update of the software. Meanwhile please consult the apps owner for more details how to troubleshoot and are there any setting that are required. But for the TV troubleshooting, you can try to reset the TV first. The initial reset is just powering of the power plug and wait for a moment before trying again. If this method does not solve the issue, you can try to reset the TV inside the setting menu and select reset to factory default setting. If these methods have been tried, you may consult Skyworth customer service team for further support or clarification.

Please check in the Google PlayStore for apps that available. Please check the TV software update too in order to get the best / optimum status.

First check the remote controller is damaged or not either by battery leaking chemical problem. Second please try to reset the TV to the factory default in the setting menu. Below is the video link on how to reset.

Please check your TV model whether it support FHD or 2K or 4K or not. For example, your TV is only FHD (Full HD) model, you should not select resolution if your setup box (example Astro decoder) to resolution higher than FHD (1080).

Please check the sound menu whether the setting has been set to Internal Speaker sound. If you selected External sound system, the TV speaker will not project out any sound.

Outdoor Antenna Grounding/Earthing – If an outside antenna/ Satellite Dish is connected to the receiver decoder/ setup box, be sure the antenna system is grounded/ Earthed so as to provide some protection against voltage surges and built up static charges.
The Earthing/Grounding can be done by the qualified technician or electrician.

Source : antennajunkies.com

Please select the add accessories in the TV menu and follow the on-screen step for assistant.